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Active Portfolio

Western Smokehouse Partners

In 2018, we acquired Western’s Smokehouse. Western’s Smokehouse is the preferred manufacturing solution for the top brands and retailers in premium crafted protein snacks.

In 2019, we added Thrushwood Farms to the family. Thrushwood specializes in producing snack sticks, meat bites and meat bars for the top natural and gourmet brands in the category.

In 2020, we acquired Prairie Sky Snacks, a family owned contract manufacturer in Springfield, IL and maker snack sticks and human-grade pet treats.

Kohana Coffee

In 2021, we acquired Kohana Coffee. Kohana Coffee is a market leading manufacturer in the high-growth cold brew segment. Kohana has a proprietary cold brew process which enables shelf stability without heating the coffee, creating a smooth, low-acid, authentic cold brew product which can be shipped and stored in ambient temperatures. Additionally, Kohana offers world class formulation and production capabilities in ready-to-drink canned coffees featuring high-end ingredients like oat milk, almond milk, adaptogens, protein and other functional ingredients. Kohana sells products through its own brand, retail store brands and as a co-packer.

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